Advanced functionalities

Garmin dispatch and communication
This functionality greatly simplifies the performance of the tasks and facilitates communication between operators and field workers and also between field workers with one another. The Communication is done via Garmin device where the field workers receive and send messages where you can very quickly and efficiently find out and resolve lots of information and problems eg .: specify a new destination, consultation on a delivery, reasons for delay at a particular location, adding fuel and other operational tasks.
Temperature control
This functionality is used by mounting sensors or developing protocols for communication with existing sensors which are used for measuring and controlling of the temperature in the cooling tanks.
Cost Control
The cost control can be analyzed in two ways:
  • -By mounting sensors for measuring the level of fuel in the tank.
  • -By analyzing data from Canbus – board computer of the vehicle with developing specialized protocols.
Connecting with the tahograf and downloading all the data for eg.: total time while the vehicle is in motion, total time while the vehicle is idle, total time while the vehicle is parked.

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