Basic Functionalities

Live Tracking
With the incorporation of appropriate GPS / GSM modules in the vehicles, supported by a web-based application, the user at any time and from any location can monitor the use of vehicles in its fleet. With this GPS solution, the use of the vehicles is under maximum control and also the efficiency in carrying out daily tasks is increased as well as the safety of the vehicles.
History of events
The analysis of history is the biggest benefit to the user where you can very accurately and precisely analyze historical data on the status of the vehicle for example: the location the vehicle was located and at what time, how much time did the vehicle remained at the location, was the engine on or off during the stay on that and so on.
All data since the setting - usаge of the module in the vehicle are available for analysis, displayed on a map or in tabular form with three types of reports: summary report, detailed report and report on events.
Ice Trackr has the ability to add various kinds of alarms and events:
  • - speeding alert,
  • - entrance - exit area alert
  • - distance alert,
  • - date alert
These alarms and events are supported by automatic generation of reports that are sent to your email on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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